WWelcome to Griffin's Nest Acres: "The Home of Lovable Leonbergers"


Leonbergers are the best creation from Germany and Griffin's Nest is devoted to maintain the German standard of the Leonberger breed for their pups.

Griffin's Nest became a member of the Leonberger Club of America (LCA) in 1997 and being the first breeder in New Hampshire with the first litter in 2002. Griffin's Nest maintains the LCA and AKC breeding standards.

Leonbergers are gentle, loving and loyal dogs that easily become part of the family. The standard temperament is exceptional and they are very eager to please. Griffin's Nest has 2 pups, each from different litters, that have been certified as Therapy Dogs. Congratulations Poe and Brenton.

We breed quality Leonbergers and have carefully chosen studs that are the German standard for the breed to facilitate the development of our line.

Go to our Leonberger section to learn more about the breed, our breeding practices and to see pictures of our Leonbergers

Thanks to the dedication and co-operation of many domestic and international Leonberger owners and breeders, our researchers, and the generosity of the LHF and the AKC CHF, we now have a genetic test available for the LPN1 mutation which causes severe, early onset Leonberger polyneuropathy.

Buyer Beware! Be sure to ask to see certification of LPN1 status of the parents of any litter you consider.

Visit the Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory website for more information about LPN1 at: http://vetneuromuscular.ucsd.edu/cases/2014/March.html


In the near future Griffin's Nest plans to offer handmade crafts and other various products.

There are also plans to increase the links to various suppliers.

More details to come...


Griffin's Nest provides graphic services specializing in animated GIFs. We have developed logos, business cards and websites.

Pet portraits, in various mediums, such as oil paintings and charcoal drawings are also available.


Griffin's Nest is also involved with various rescue organizations. Please visit our rescue section to see the links.

We would like to hear from you if you have a rescue you are involved with and would like to have it added to our rescue section.